Who can you inspire?

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A friend of mine, Ralph Teller, came up with this line and I have adopted it. Thanks Ralph!

This week I was paid the biggest compliment someone can give another person. I was part of her inspiration to sign up for her first ultra. From this point on whatever else happens, I will have been a successful runner because I inspired someone to take the next step.

The question is simple really: Who can you inspire?

We can all inspire others if we have the right attitude about things. Whether it is in sports or art or some other aspect of life, it is a question we should all ask ourselves. We do not need to be good at whatever it is, just passionate and positive about it. Be enthusiastic and it will rub off on others.

You can tell of the bad days as long as you do not dwell upon them and finish by telling of the great days.

Are you just a beginner? It does not matter, you can still inspire others. Maybe someone is out there thinking about starting running or swimming or cycling but feels like they are not advanced enough or to slow or just does not want to start alone, invite them along. Tell them they CAN do it.

When I started into running with a couch to 5k program I was on my own. I made it to 3-4 slow miles and was happy with no further aspirations. Then I met Robert, now a great friend, who asked what I was training for. My reply was “nothing”. He proceeded to tell me I needed a goal, I should train for a marathon. I told him he was nuts because I knew how far that was. But he had planted a seed. As we began to run together some, very slowly for him, he kept telling me I should run one. Finally one day I decided I was going to train for and run a marathon because if Robert could do it so could I. He had inspired me. Had he not been persistent I might not be doing the things I do and love so much today.

A chance encounter, a random meeting, you never know when you might inspire someone.

So my question and my challenge to you is this: Who can you inspire?

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1 Comment

  1. Nicholas L. Norfolk
    May 23, 2012

    I agree with this post wholeheartedly. Inspiration doesn’t have to come from an elite athlete. I’ve learned that it’s the normal people that inspire most. Many of the people that are inspired by you won’t ever tell you and you may never know. Passion and positivity can be seen and felt by others. Continue to press forward and you just may inspire yourself from time to time.